Pre-Production Essay

What Is Pre-Production?


In this unit pre-production is the main topic. Pre-production begins before the actual production of any creative product: the planning stage. This is where the individual – or group – get down on pen and paper what they are going to do, and whose doing what if in a team.

For example, the narrative, genre, style, and concept need to be decided, with a select audience in mind and the rating (such as PEGI-12).

Though elements of the product might change all the way up to Post-Production, where editing and touch ups are preformed, its still a good idea to have an outline to work from for a more cohesive outlook and whats being made.

What Am I Making?


I will be making an in game environment. I want it to be in the style of cel-shaded and for it be an RPG, which will make the audience fall into the adolescent age group.

I decided on a mostly cel-shaded environment because thats more in the realms of my specialty, and what I most like to play by myself. I’d like to use a board colour palette to enhance certain features and define shades, by classically outlining them with varying line weights.



The in-game props will either be made through 3D modeling or be hand-drawn, depending on the object and the effects it has on gameplay. Since the game will be an RPG the effects the environment and objects have on a player is key to overall gameplay.

Objects – such as weapons or armour will need to stand out to the player while the environment needs to be interactive, to increase enjoyment and make the game feel more like a sandbox game, then it actually is.


Desktop computer consisting of a cpu, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker isolated on a wooded table. Screens are white isolated for easy customization and copy work

For Hardware I’ll need a Mac computer, an art Tablet and a Camera, all of which I already own or have access to, so I won’t have to worry about renting, or borrowing equipment from other people or companies.

The tablet will allow me easy of control while working on a number of apps and will be far less hindering then a mouse, which has less precision.

The camera I’ll use to take pictures of different environments, textures or materials to limit the amount of photos I will have to use, that I do not own.



For software I would use CINEMA 4D, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and SketchBookExpress, all of which I – again – either have access to, or own them myself.

Model in Quads in Cinema 4D

With CINEMA 4D I can model my game, my environments and objects.


Photoshop I can use to edit pictures I have taken or create textures and materials out of them, that I can use in CINEMA 4D.


SketchBookExpress is a drawing tool and would be useful for concept art and general work for both the environment, game objects and character designs.

Target Audience 


PEGI and TIGA are companies that are in the media industry. PEGI (Pan European Game Information) give games audience ratings; to restrict a particularly violent or graphic product by accidentally being pick off of the shelve by a child who didn’t know what the game contained, or to warn parents.

TIGA (The Independent Game Association) on the other hand is a trade association representing the interests of some video and computer game developers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Since I will be making a customisable RPG with an importance to story and character, I feel like it is a unisex with a teen plus rating due to some of the mature themes and a wish to not want to censor myself.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 5.05.57 pm
PEGI’s Eight Descriptors

My game will include: bad language from some of the main character, discrimination between the different clans, fear with some of the character death/ and mature themes as such poverty and hunger, as well as some screens of violence.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 5.19.52 pm
PEGI Age Ratings

For the reasons above, my game cannot be classified as a PEGI 3 or a PEGI 7, knowing what my game’s content would be from PEGI’s eight descriptors. However it is not so graphic, nor does it reach the stage of looking like events from “real life” to boost it to a PEGI 16. Therefore, I believe I should be aiming for a PEGI 12.

A Team.


Group work – if I had to fully make a game I’d obviously shy away from being independent, due to a weakness I have with using computers. I’d be confidant in my abilities to create a cohesive story and character(s), with my strengths lying in literature and art but beyond that I’d struggle.

I would need someone to help me with creating the mechanics of the game and rigging the characters joints, should I decide to use a 3D model in gameplay. However for this project that will not be necessary and I can work alone.

Time and Schedule.


I will be working on this project for 13 weeks. I will make sure to meet the deadline by: completing every task within the allotted time, and backing up my work to ensure that nothing is lost from either theft or corruption.

The first few weeks – say two-three – will be spent planning and  designing my environment, game concept and characters while also practicing with CINEMA 4D.

Eight-nine weeks should be spent actually producing my graphics art and environment (while individual essays get uploaded on their own separate due dates).

A couple of weeks should be then be left for Rendering of my environment should it be slow to do so, as well as leaving time for anything to go wrong, so I would have a few days to fix it in.

Location Location Location.


My game is going to be a Cel-Shaded RPG, the environment needs to reflect that. I want it to seem like a somewhat realist fantasy.

Since RPG’s are nearly always set in an era with a clear hierarchy, and before technology developed – or was even invented, I’d use a lot of woodlands and small villages, before moving up to a capital, or kingdom later on in the game to emphasis this.



With this project I will primarily be working on the storyboard, environment and art concept sheets. Because of this and having everything I already need to begin, risk assessment and budgeting is unnecessary.

A risk assessment might be needed for around a work place with such expensive equipment, but since there will be only one of me and I know not to eat, drink or play around with the computers, it is unneeded.

Code of Practice.


I will not have to be too weary of the Code of Practice which governs things like Copyright/ Trademarks or permission in relation to buildings or land and Health and Safety, since I won’t be making a profit and I won’t be working “on location,” there will be no need for me to travel far outside my workplace.


Pre-Production Photo
Cel-Shaded Background Photo
In-Game Props Photo
Hardware Photo
Software Photo
CINEMA 4D Screenshot
Photo Screenshot
SketchBookExpress Screenshot
Team Meeting Photo
Calendar Photo
Background Photo
Paperwork Photo
Book Photo
Target Audience Photo
PEGI Information Source
TIGA Information Source


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