3D Environment Proposal


(The story and content to my 3D environment.)

The idea for my game is of the protagonist’s brother to be taken by the main anti-hero. To save him, the protagonist will drag the player’s avatar – and begin to collect other members for a  Party – on a quest to save the (unnamed) brother and defeat the villain.

On the way the Party will travel through the four tribes, meet new people and go on side missions to get through the different lands.

Being a fantasy game the setting will be completely fictional; an entirely different world with an incredibly harsh environment which would include rocky terrain and bad weather, such as sand storms and heat waves.


(Similar Sort Of Landscape To What I Want.)

There will be four tribes (the north, east, south, west) that will all inhabit different races, with different abilities which will spilt the world into those sections of territory.

In appearance, the four slices of land will have altered colour themes, art, tools and fashion but otherwise the land will remain largely unchanged.

The only source of food and water on this barren land will be the oasis in the centre, with four lakes that segregate the four tribes and their individual lands. The oasis will be filled with greens and blues; bright and seen as the haven for every tribe, the only place where conflict is not tolerated.


(An Oasis Not Unlike This.)

To make this environment I want to use a mixture of 2D and 3D art. The world itself will be a 3D model but not totally interactive while I want to use a 2D map to load the different environments and character profiles that will pop up over the bottom of the screen when they talk.


(The purpose of my design and how it will meet my target audience.)

I chose this type of environment because I wanted to move away from the stereotypical medieval setting of fantasy, and do something a bit different with something ecstatically more sinister.

With few resources, terrible conditions for harvesting and with temperatures so extreme it would make living in this world difficult if not deadly, it will obvious effect gameplay and the characters.

The bad weather conditions will be made to affect the player’s stats and conditions. The uneven grounds will also impact battles, making it more difficult to get to higher ground, find footing or even losing HP.

With the particular powers of the protagonist, the sky is also a very important symbolic aspect of the game, making a juxtaposition between the environment which will be golden earth colours and the sky, clear and bright blue.

In other words its a very mature world with real issues, with the themes of under-development, poverty, hunger and conflict. My target market (Teens+) will be either old enough at least grasp the problems the characters face, while a younger Player either won’t understand or it would be to heavy for them.

Structure and Constraints.

(How my environment will be constructed and the legal constraints of my project.)

Structure: The 3D world will be used by modelling the mountains around the edges before it gradually getting flatter, with the oasis roughly in the middle. To make this as effective as possible I will have to rely on a number of Textures and Materials.

I will get a lot of my Textures from photos I have taken, like various sky pictures at different times of the day and various pictures of rocky ground, which will be easy enough for me to get since I live in Dawlish where we have a lot of red rock and sand.

However if I needed to get images from the internet, since I will not be making a profit from this game, I will probably be able to do so without worrying about Copyright.


Constraints: My game has a lot of serious themes but it is still a Fantasy game. One of the problems that might face controversy is that the among the four different races, there is a lot of conflict, hatred and a history of war this causes prejudice and sometimes outright racism.

However this isn’t a problem that I feel should be completely censored since it is something that happens in real life, in saying that I will try to make it obvious in-game (through the protagonist, and later his Party) that, that kind of attitude is wrong, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Visual Design.

(The style of the 3D Environment and existing design that can be compared.)

To make this environment I want to use a mixture of 2D and 3D art. The world itself will be a 3D model but not totally interactive while I want to use a 2D map to load the different environments and character profiles that will pop up over the bottom of the screen when they talk.

The 3D model will be in practice in turn-based battles, level grinding and travelling.

The 2D Model will include the in-game up, cutscenes and character pop-ups.

The games I could compare it to would be Etrian Odyssey: Untold, for its mapping system, Levelling system and set environments that have little free-roam.


(Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Player’s Character’s Stats and Inventory.)


(Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Skill Tree and electing Skill Points.)

Fire Emblem Awakening for its mixture between 3D and 2D art and emphasise on customisation and choice.


(Fire Emblem Awakening Player’s Avatar Customisation: 3D and 2D model on Dual Screen.)


(Fire Emblem Awakening, 3D Environment with Character Pop-Up.)

And Recent Final Fantasy for the type of game play I’d aim for.


(Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay)

Look And Feel
(Mock-ups and sketches.)

I first thought of what type of environment I would when I was designing the protagonist: he ended up looking up rustic, which gave me the idea for a simple, village life and then – when I was colouring the protagonist and he ended up with dark skin – I knew that there was going to be a lot of sun, where he lived.

2015-09-15 22.26.25 (The Protagonist’s first sketch.)Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 00.15.48

(During the colouring process.)

I Wanted something a bit different from typical RPG type of environment, and because of that my first thought was: mountains. This started a tidal wave of ideas from, mountains to the oasis, to the tribes that would be built into the rock face.


(The sketch of my desired environment.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 15.54.49 (The floating mountain island, side view [Unfinished])

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 15.21.15

(The floating mountain island, looking down [Unfinished])

Technical Specifications

(The techniques that I’m going to use for my environment.)

With the type of gameplay I’d like most would assume that the file size would be large, due to the amount of polygons that will be needed, however with small set worlds for battle and limited free-roam a big processor won’t be needed.

Because it is also a very barren world and most of the difficulty will come from the harsh terrine, this will also save the file size since I don’t have to worry about objects outside of weapons.

That, and the tribes the Party will be forced to visit, will be 2D since those environments won’t have much importance outside of story, and being able to buy and collect different items the Player may need.

(The list of the intended product.)

By the time I have finished, there are a number of things I want the ended product to have included:

-To have a complete 3D environment for walkthrough.

– For there to be a distinct visual separation between the four tribes.

– For the environment to be immerse and the world to be believable to the Player. For the different art styles to be distinct but integrated professionally and seamlessly.


Mountain Photo

Oasis Photo

Etrian Odyssey Untold Photo Skill Slots Photo

Etrian Odyssey Untold Photo Character Stats

Fire Emblem Awakening Avatar Customisation Photo

Fire Emblem Awakening Cutscene Photo

Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay Photo


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