Budget Breakdown

For any professional product, assessing the budget is very important and if not done well, can affect profit if the directors spend more than their estimated target. Though that is not too important as I am making an non-profit 3D Environment for a game of my own creation.

Down below is a rough guide to how much I’d have to spend if I did not already have this equipment (which I do,) and what I would need that specific piece of technology for.


Mac Hardware to process and support software. £1000
Graphics Tablet To aid control and precision. £80
Hard Drive To store large file types. £50
USB Key For small documents. £20
Sketchbook For concept art and notes. £10
Pencils For rough sketches and shading. £3
Pens For notes and line work. £2.50
CINEMA 4D Software to model 3D work such as environments and characters. £500
SketchBookExpress Software that enables the user to draw professionally. N/A
Photoshop Software to touch up and edit backgrounds N/A
Camera Hardware to take photos on. £35
SD Card To store data. £5

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