Storyboard: 3D Environment

For this unit I’d need to do an environment walkthrough, to do this I first need a play to make the process as easy as possible.

2015-10-05 20.38.56

(1. “Mountain curves up like a dome, this helps protect from the sun during the day put also hinders the rain.

2015-10-05 20.39.21
(2. “Without the mountain dome along the sides.”)

Brown: Tribe Territory.
Uncoloured/ white: Wild Land.
Blue: Waterland.Oasis.
Green: Forest. Oasis.

2015-10-05 20.39.51

(3. “If I was going to explore this environment after I had *Zoomed into the plain, I’d show the four

different Tribes who have built their homes into the side of the mountain dome.

Then I would follow one of the steams to the oasis and look around the trees, plants and water.
Before panning back out to the sandy, rocky wasteland to give a lasting impression of the harshness of the land.
I would want to¬†superimpose the in-game map to show it would actually work for the player.”)


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