Graphic Production


In this assignment I have edited my sketches from Task 1, Idea Development, and turned them into professional graphics I could use for my game.



Sol Character Sheet

Sol, the protagonist.As he is the main character I have used bold colouring, however he is also the representative of the sun, whence the red. I also named him “Sol” after the animating force of the sun from Norse mythology.  I have tried to give him a kind, if rough face. His stance is strong and open – a character trait I’d like him to have in-game.


Mani Character Sheet

Mani, Sol’s brother and the main reason for the Player’s Party to go on the quest, he is deliberately feminine for his ties to the moon – like Sol, and was named after the same cause.I have tried to make him gentle and wise through the use of facial expression and posture.

Anusha Character Sheet1 The default Avatars (of both gender). The colour theme was deliberately minimalistic as it meant to be up to the player to decide what they want their character to look like. However I have included both red and blue to show their alliance to the two priests (Sol and Mani).


Muskaan Character Sheet

Muskaan – the antagonist of the story has a very dark colour palette from any other character to   for symbolism, and to set her apart.  I have also tried to make her hair look a bit ashen – or like smoulder, as she is very destructive to both the Player’s Party and to the plot in general.


Aaliz Character Sheet

Adalheidis – or Aaliz – is the only proper healer of the Player will be able to use and is a value unit. Since she’s not a fighter, though she can attack with magic once the Player has introduced that to her Skill Tree, I wanted to make her look gentle which is why her pose is very introverted.

Frigga Character Sheet

Frigga, named after the Norse goddess of foreknowledge and wisdom, as well as beauty and motherhood (depending on the interpretation) which is why, despite her Class of Fighter (a Berserker in other RPGs) she has quite a solemn face and considered very attractive.

Forseti Character Sheet Forseti is also named after a Norse God, though his namesake is far more obscure, he doesn’t appear much but he is known for being just and settling disputes which is why I wanted to give him an honest looking face.

Sindri Character Sheet

Sindri is one of the few Beast Masters of the game, and the only one the Player can control. I wanted to make him seem wilder then the other characters, animal-like and easy going which is why his attire is simple and his posture seems happy-go-lucky.

To see the process of how I created these characters, click here.


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.43.04 pm
“Wolcen” – Rendered.

Full Rendered image of Wolcen, with Sketch and Toon among some of the effects used to create the photo.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.53.52 pm
“Wolcen’s” Oasis and Tower – Render.
Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.58.36 pm
“Wolcen’s” Tower – Rendered.
Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.02.35 pm
“Wolcen’s” Temple – Rendered.

In-Game Objects/ Screens

Sol Level Screen
Character Sol’s Level Screen.
Sol Skill Tree
Character Sol’s Skill Tree.
InGame MUD1
In-Game HUD Screen.


Designing theses images and then furthering the process with making them professional, I feel that they are suitable for my game, the audience and the genre.

The images are bright, colourful and most importantly – Cel-Shaded. Cel-Shaded being the main art style for RPGs. I have made sure that they have been coloured properly, shaded and toned to a good standard while removing any mistakes and improving on the original sketches.

The finished graphics are of a high quality and wouldn’t stand out with actual promotional material for other games of the same genre. My initial ideas ideas were merely rough sketches while the finished product has had a lot of work put into them.

Technical Qualities

As my art is Cel-Shaded I had to focus a lot of my attention on light and shadows, despite the fact that I would use the Smooth Tool to give the images a rounded appearance and appear less flat.

Aesthetic Qualities

Sometimes my colour palette would be limited with the Player’s Part as Sol and Mani trademarked both red and blue.

I also wanted my other characters to truly look like they had their own personalities, which is why they all look vastly different, from age to body type, to facial structure; I wanted the Player to look at each one and instantly be able to pick something up from what they look like


Information on Sol and Mani

Information on Frigga

Information on Forseti


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