Sound Ideas For Trailer

For my project I will be using “Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~”, or, “Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~” for inspiration in creating my sound assets, first released in 1994.

The below video is Heroes opening song “Opening Hero” introduced in the game’s first sequence. It is very typical of the type of music associated with the Fire Emblem franchise, with its orchestra melody, being instrumental and atmospheric, I use this for when I am making my own soundtrack as an example of what I want it to sound like.

|The Proposal|

My Trailer And How Sound Will Play A Part In It

Since my game trailer will be an adaptation I will want it to be as close to the series’ sound as possible with a sort of multiple layered, instrumental theme that is effective in setting the mood in the trailer.

I have a few ideas for what my trailer but not a precise plan on what I’m going to do, however I’d probably prefer music to actual audio for at leat half of the trailer if not all of it, this should help build the genres of fantasy and the RPG feel, rather than be more subtle.

What I Hope To Achieve With Sound 

Including making a professional game trailer (adapting a 90’s video game), I will be creating the music and audio that will be heard in the trailer.

As I said earlier, the music will need to have a multitude of different keys and notes in order for a layered effected. I will also want to perhaps use different instruments though I will have to be careful to not make it sound jumbled or over complicated.

I will make a soundtrack to run all the way through my trailer and sound effects for aspect’s movements e.g. pegasus wings flapping.

Where I Will Get Sounds For My Project And Techniques I’ll Use

I don’t plan on downloading any sounds/ midi files from online and instead I want to create as much as possible. I have decided to use software like Audition to make my own in order to polish off my trailer.

Problems, Legalities And Discrimination 

I have never used software that modifications such as Adobe Audition or Apple’s GarageBand, because of that I know I will have some difficulty with learning how to but with some time I feel like I’ll be able to create what I have to for my project.

As I am not making profit, under the Fair Use Act I will be able to use what is not mine however if I were to market and sell something I had no owner of I would not be able to include copyrighted, or trademarked material.

Due to my music having no lyrical content discrimination against minorities isn’t possible so I don’t have to worry about offending anyone by my audio, however I will make a conscious effect that the visuals do not offend.

Visual Design
The Overall Design Of My Product

Fire Emblem: Heroes Of Light And Shadow Official Art Work.

The Fire emblem series has always had a romanised fairytale, old european look while focusing on war, conflict and relationships. It keeps its anime art form with its character design and colour palette – of which it is extremely full, probably to counteract some of the darker themes and to make each character recognisable – in each title.

As such, I will stick to the original and keep the series’ art style as unchanged as it can be with bright colours and bold line art. For the live action, I also plan on editing it so that the footage does not stand out so much and looks like it belongs in the series.

For more, read here.

Technical Specifications
Technical Choices For Capturing Sound

As I do not have the money to buy an expensive camera or recording device, I have decided on using my phone, which is an iPhone 5C as it has quite a high quality mic in terms of phones. I will use this for sound effects only.

To create the audio I will use the Adobe Audition and Apple’s Garage Band which I feel will be easy and less time consuming than recording instruments or the like.


I will have about thirteen weeks to finish this project, a good few of which I will spend filming the visuals and working on the audio while the rest – at the beginning – would be working on pre-production.

|Equipment Needed|

Equipment Available


If not available, where to find it
 Mac  Y  NA
 Phone (for recording) Y  NA

Abode: Audition/ After Effects











|Sound Recording Schedule| 

As I will not be recording in the studio I have left the below table blank, however if I planned on booking the studio, I would have filled it out as to remember the day I would need to turn up at, what time I would need to arrive at any additional equipment I would need in order to be prepared and not forget anything as to not waste my session.

Date Time of Day and Location Type of Recording Equipment  Needed
Name Time Studio Number Equipment Needed

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