Originate and Plan a 90’s Video Game Trailer Adaptation

For this module I will be required to make an adaptation of a 90’s video game, which will have to include: motion graphics, 2D animation, live action and sound. I decided on the series Fire Emblem, more specifically: “Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light” the first title of a TRPG (Tactical Role-Playing Game).

Here is the planning stage.


For my trailer, there are certain aspects of game mechanics that I want to include on top of the 2D animation and live action. For the motion graphics I thought I would include:

  • Age rating (PEGI)
  • The Nintendo logo
  • A titles sequence

I also want to include certain game mechanics (if I have time) to make the trailer more representative of the game. Such as:

  • Support conversations
  • Inventory Box
  • HP gauge
  • Items
Awakening: Support Conversation

Fire Emblem’s support system is one of the series’ most iconic feature, as such I thought it would be a good idea to add to the trailer in a way to introduce character(s) and dialogue without, necessarily, having a voice actor/ actress.

I also thought that it would make a good motion graphic, easy enough to make while not out of place in the trailer and being recognisable to older fans of the series.

Thracia 776‘s Unit Stats/ Inventory

I would like a way to include Fire emblem’s inventory or an item such as a “Vulnerary” (a low-level potion).

Radiant Drawn’s Map/ HP Gauge

I also had the idea of including a map of a HP gauge somewhere in the trailer to create the environment of Fire emblem’s unique  turn-base way of battling.


Brainstorm ideas.png


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.20.40


This page shows the different scenes I have planned out for the trailer. The arrows are to show movement, either in the direction the aspect is travelling or the direction of the live action camera.

Scene 1:

2D animation: Flash of hair flickers off the screen on the left-hand, bottom corner.

Live action: sky shot.

Scene 2:

2D animation: Arrows are introduced and should fly off the top of the screen.

Live action: sky shot.

Scene 3:

2D animation: first look of  Sheeda as she flies forward, with arrows going past. Arrows should all disappear at the bottom of the screen while Sheeda continues to fly forward, getting larger with hair moving and Pegasus’ wings flapping.

Live action: sky shot.

Scene 4:

2D animation: zoom up of Sheeda’s face with her hair flying out behind her.

Live action: sky shot.


Scene 5: 

2D animation: N/A

Live action: N/A

Motion graphics: make a logo, background and some sort of transition so its a smooth cut away.

Scene 6/ 7:

2D animation: N/A

Live action: Camera pans down from sky and then, across landscape.

Motion graphic: N/A

Scene 8:

2D animation: Sheeda and her Pegasus comes into screen and focuses on her.

Live action: camera eventually stops so that it can focus on Sheeda.

Motion graphics: N/A


Scene 9: 

2D Animation: zoomed up version of Sheeda hair blowing.

Live Action: N/A

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 10: 

2D Animation: further zoom into Sheeda’s face, tilt her head as her hair continues to blow.

Live Action: N/A

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 11: 

2D Animation: Sheeda’s face changes to that of surprise before a filter is added and she fades to background.

Live Action: N/A

Motion graphics: First “support” conversation starts with Marth’s graphic appearing – calling Sheeda’s name; text appearing from beginning to end like it is being typed.


Scene 12: 

2D Animation: Marth comes running on screen from the right, cape and hair moving. Also try to move his limbs as he moves across the screen, getting closer to the front as he does so before disappearing.

Live Action: Camera should move across scenery from right to left at a moderately quick pace to be the background to Marth’s running.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 13: 

2D Animation: Zoom up of Marth’s face with hair blowing before his aspect fades into the background.

Live Action: Camera should be moving (again) from right to left.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 14: 

2D Animation: N/A

Live Action: N/A

Motion graphics: Another support conversation with text running across it.

Scene 15: 

2D Animation: Sheeda stands from the left side, struggling as she is injured with her hair blowing out to the side before she walks to the centre. Marth who is stood on the right walks to the centre as well to meet her.

Live Action: Camera should be stationary if I do both character’s walk animation at the same time.

Motion graphics: N/A


Scene 16: 

2D Animation: Both characters stood in front of each other before they both fade into the background.

Live Action: Camera should be stationary.

Motion graphics: Another support conversation with scrolling text.

Scene 17: 

2D Animation: Marth reaches out with his hand, should animate from top-right corner.

Live Action: Camera should be pointed at the ground.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 18: 

2D Animation: Sheeda smiles with hair blowing.

Live Action: Stationary camera.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 13: 

2D Animation: With Marth’s hand, again, in screen, Sheeda reaches out with her own and grasps his.

Live Action: Camera stationary on the ground.

Motion graphics: N/A

page 6

Scene 19: 

2D Animation: Both characters stand holding hands, hair and cape blowing.

Live Action:Camera is stationary.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 20: 

2D Animation: Manakete flies up from the bottom of the screen, and both characters both a part slightly.

Live Action: Camera is still stationary.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 21: 

2D Animation: Dragon bends down and both characters jump further apart, hair and cape blowing.

Live Action: Camera still stationary.

Motion graphics: N/A

Scene 22: 

2D Animation: Dragon opens mouth.

Live Action: Camera still stationary.

Motion graphics: Fire comes forth, flames getting larger and thicker until they encompass the entire screen and the trailer fades to black.

Concept Art

 Since I have a lot of aspect I will have to create, I did a lot of concept art while researching previous incarnations of the characters.

The next sketch I tried was using “Sumia” from Awakening to help me with the newer art style and however much I liked it, I don’t think its appropriate either. Its far too time consuming to be able to draw it for however many aspects.


For this sketch I found an old screenshot of Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugito work with and found this my favourite, however – again – I wasn’t sure on my ability to replicate in multiple aspects that I would have to work with and began a new.

I startled on this image as it was quick to draw and stylised enough that she could carry the trailer without difficulty.

Technological Limitation Or Issues

Wanting to create create a text box with changing text and a seemingly interactive inventory box to progress the trailer. The trouble I could have is it they don’t integrate with the other visuals and not learning how to use the new software properly.


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