Day 1: Teams and Meetings

Wednesday (30/04/2016), I was put into a group for this new module on wed design. Besides myself, I was with Ben Halling, Damian Gayfer and Sunny. After we had met are team members we were let out to organise ourselves and plan what are going to do for when we meet our client.

Sunny didn’t want to come with us to the library and left with friends while we shared our details (email and social media), so we could get into contact with each other, share documents and/ or new ideas.

Ben, Damian and I went onto plan what we should should ask our client, things we could do with WordPress and the website, as well as thinking about our roles in this group and what each of us was good at. Some difficulty came as both Ben and I want to work on the graphics side of things but we worked it out by me agreeing to work with the text and written work, while Damien wanted to work with more of the pre-production side to things.

As we went I wrote up notes, that are shown below;

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.32.50


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