Day 2: Meeting the Client

Arriving at Cockington (09/05/2016) with two other teams besides mine (Ben, Damian, and Sunny). We were shown to a room we would use as a workspace and after a brief and deciding which client we would like to have, let out to take photographs. Ben, Damian and I proceeded to  go around, taking turns, photographing the grounds (as a selling point for people travelling to Cockington) while Sunny went with friends to eat. After walking around and finally finishing with some shots of the outside of our clients shop we went back to our room to wait for the others to get back.

Unedited Photos I Took Of The Area

When the room was open again we spilt ourselves into two, with Ben and I going to talk with the client with our notes and something to write with and Damian and Sunny continuing to take more photos.

Talking to our client, Gail Trezsie, we asked her our questions, writing down her answers and getting a good idea for what she would like for her website, as well as sharing contact information.

Notes From The Meeting

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.31.36

Finishing up, Damian and Sunny came back and they and Ben decided to go back to the workshop while Damian and I, in turns, started to take a few photos of her workspace and her working for the “About page”.

Photos Take Of Client/ Studio


Afterwards Damian left  with the camera, I remembered to talk to her about  what products she would most like to be photographed while encouraging her to have a variety to show possible site viewers. Getting back to the room myself, I asked if I could use the portable photography studio the teacher had brought with us. Once I had permission, Ben and I went to collect a few of the products while Damien set the camera up and the tripod. Sunny, in this time, was with another group.

Taking photos of the products Ben, Damian and I tried different angles, heights and positions for each item while returning the ones we had finished with to avoid damage or accidents.

Photos Of The Products

Finishing the photos, Ben and I went back with the remaining products. Whilst we were there asked her again if there was anything else she wanted/ would like to talk about while we were still there. She wasn’t sure but – as she had mentioned earlier – she stated again how she disliked the website she had now and just didn’t want ours to look like that. We then arranged to meet her after she had eaten something, for her to show us her website and what features she would not like to see again.

In the mean time I began to try some concept sketches of a possible logo for Gail while in the room and not long afterwards, so did Ben.

Concept Designs For The Logo

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.32.34
My Sketches
Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.33.23
Ben’s Sketches

Roughly half an hour later, Gail came with her laptop and after a bit of struggling to get her connected to the awful Wi-Fi, she went back to her studio to bring back her tablet which had data to pull up her website. Ben, Damien and I gathered around while Sunny stayed on the next table with his friends as Gail tried to show us her website that she was paying for, but had taken offline.

She went on to ask about her domain name as she wanted it to remain the same after paying for it and was a bit confused with the different website hosts, as she had been using another website hosting site. Ben and I went onto explain that we would be using WordPress for this task and that it would be on a free  account to start with, but later on she could buy a premier account, which would have added features if she wanted to.

She then asked if she would be able to change anything on the website and I told that yes, she would be able to once we had given her the admin details.

Primarily, Gail was unhappy with her old website because it wasn’t very user friendly and she struggled to edit it. Going onto look at the web pages and I could see why Gail wasn’t happy with it, as it was very dark, kind of cluttered but with a lot of empty space.

Gail’s Old Website

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.35.32

After we had finished looking at her website, Ben and I showed Gail  our concepts for logo and she picked out Ben’s front and my imagery so after we had thanked her and left, we went onto incorporate the designs. We did this for the rest of the day while Damian looked through the photos.

Rough Draft Of Incorporated Design

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.32.07

Points For The Future Website Design

Pages should include:

  • home page
  • about me
  • gallery
  • contact page

Colour palette: blues/ whites/ greens

Theme: minimalistic (should look fresh)/ imagery of the ocean

Text: “quirky” but easy to read


  • “Art Ceramics” is what she wants her domain to be; add tagline of her name “Gail Trezise”
  • She wants her products and her to be identified as “individual/ bespoke and does commissions”
  • Would like photos of products/ workspace/ artist
  • Attach social media links, Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram
  • Logo would be good. Imagery would be ideal if it were a boat
  • Something extra would be a animated banner or video



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