Day 3: Pre-Production

Getting into college (10/05/2016) Ben and I started to look at doing the line art for the logo so we can get it out of the way, as Damian started our schedule.

After I finished my part of the logo I moved onto looking at my client’s old website (taking screenshots for further use), and copied her original text from her “About Me” page and edited it like she told me I could.

I edited and reworked the original text, merging Gail’s original “About Me” page with some of what she had written on her “Ceramic Pods” page. I wanted to add just a little bit more, so people would know who she was and what she does easily, all on the correct page.

“I am Gail Trezsie, an artist, and I work under the name “Art Ceramics” at my studio in the scenic area of Cockington Court near Torquay, Devon. Here, I make my wares.

Studying at South Devon College I perfected using soft moulds for ceramics pods I design at the time. Now, using earthenware clay I have moved on inspired by the beautiful coastline of Devon and Cornwall, with creating sculptures of harbours, boats and sea life like fish and many more.

While incorporating natural, organic materials from beaches  such as driftwood and shells, each  piece is handcrafted individually. Hours are dedicated to make, paint and fire them with a single harbour sculpture taking up to several hours of hard work in order to complete until it is truly quirky and unique; with no two items the same.

If you have a query or perhaps a commission, I am happy to here from you.”

Ben started the website proposal while Damian began to file, name and convert the images. Sunny, despite knowing we had finished the logo to the client’s specifications, spent the day on his own on Photoshop creating logos.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.32.23
Line Art For Logo



Production schedule

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.42.02

To see full version, click here.


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