Day 4: Continued Development

Going back to Cockington (16/05/2016) our previous room wasn’t open to us and we ended up in the cafe, sat at a table. During this time, the internet connection was poor but Damien started to do some pre-production work on “Key Points” to keep busy.

Myself, I emailed our client to correct a previous miscommunication about our final deadline and started to work on looking at other websites as we started to think on layout and what we wanted to do for our own design; keeping in mind our client’s preferences.

Sunny, who decided to sit with us today, after a bit of talking started to settle up down and help Damien while Ben started to work with Photoshop to flesh out the wire frame.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.25.07

Sunny later moved onto help Ben with the Photoshop work, contributing with the design before losing focus and messing around with some of the photos we had previously taken the last time we had visited Cockington.

Some time in-between, something went wrong with WordPress and the document I was working on live was lost, resulting in my having to restart. Since we were about to leave, I waited to get to college to begin again and start.

Once we had returned, however, Sunny lost all focus and started to work on his own again and work on his own design for a website, separate from Ben whose template we had already agreed on.

Damien – after giving Ben some photos to use for the template – started to help Sunny and then Ben.


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