Day 5: More Development

After Ekow talked to us about the uses of raw images, Ben began to start the animation our client requested. Starting in Photoshop, he started to make the waves to animate with an alpha channel.

Damian went through some of the things Ekow told us and Sunny continued work with his website design.

I continued with the pre-prodoction I had left over from yesterday and then checked my email to see with our client had emailed me. Seeing that she had and that she was requesting to see some of our photos, I started to upload all the raw images we had collectively taken into my drive. I made a folder to link to her so she could browse through some of the better ones we had taken.

Knowing that the photos are raw and need editing, I put a few into Photoshop and do just that, cropping and fixing some of the lighting and colour levels so she’ll not worry.

After which, I start the long process of uploading photos onto WordPress so I can continue with my pre-production I hadn’t finished before today.




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