Website Evaluation

[click to view process] This module was a particularly tricky task and not just because we had to work with a client in order to create a website, but that we had to work in groups. I can successfully work in teams but I knew immediately that I would struggle when I found out who I had been paired with.

Sunny and I don’t get on and the fact that he contributed very little throughout the process didn’t help (please view my production diary, links here). I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it as I understand that in an actual work environment I will would have work with a lot or people I do not like, but it was still unpleasant and the antagonism never faded.

Going to Cockington and meeting our client – Gail – was nice as she was a lovely lady who seemed genuinely interested in the website. Here are some brief things she wanted:

  • Blue/ white colour scheme,
  • Good photos,
  • Her name/ company,
  • A logo,
  • A small animation (GIF type thing).

And I believe we have followed what she wanted and what was required from us.

Above our some screenshots of what we have created. Which include: a blue and white colour scheme, good photos for the gallery, both her name and her company included in the website, a logo that the client sign off on.

While making the website, my team struggled to properly allocate jobs and some ended up doing a lot more than others. Commutation also lacked in areas as we weren’t always sat near each other however we did manage to complete the project.

We also struggled with the limitations of WordPress; sticking to the strict WordPress themes was hard for creativity, especially for our clients website who really wanted a functional website that accurately represented her. It was just too frigid with not enough customisation however much we managed.

In the end I think we stuck with the client’s wishes and made something that was an improvement to get old one, but also something she would like.

Client’s Website


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