Sound Assets’ Creation

For sound, I have created a number of sound effects and a full soundtrack to go along my trailer as well.

Here is the link to all my sound files. The only thing I did not make was the PEGI introduction.w

Sound Effects

To start off with, I had a friend of mine do a small narration role for the trailer in speaking the titles name. She recorded a few for me, with varying tones. Once she sent them to me (as we are unable to meet at the time), I played all of them and chose the one I thought was best. I than dragged it into Adobe Audition where I:

  • Clipped out unneeded pauses at the beginning and end.
  • Tried to get rid of background hiss.
  • Went onto add a “Studio” effect onto the audio so it would be less muted.
  • Edited the sound so it did not over power the soundtrack.

Below is a video showing a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the audio.

I went onto create arrow fly-bys, which I needed to be an exaggerated sound of the zip of an arrow. I had another unfortunate family member (this time) make hissing and ‘zooming’ sounds into my phone until I was satisfied. I choose one to drag into Audition and:

  • Got rid of unneeded pauses.
  • Amplified sound.
  • Changed pitch and speed.

To create wing flap sounds for both the pegasus and the dragon, I toyed around with certain objects like a feather duster and then an umbrella. The umbrella, I found, was far more effective and after putting it into Audition I:

  • Cut out unneeded pauses.
  • Amplify the sound so it would be able to be heard over the soundtrack.
  • Duplicated the file twice so that I could change to into different ‘Mono’ tracks.

Somehow making a dragon’s roar I knew would be far more complicated than I wanted it to be. I understood from ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ features that a lot of roars were often made with the help of exotic animals, something which I did not have on hand.

I did, however, have family.

I got the same family member who attempted to impersonate an arrow, roar as best as she could into my phone. After a bit of hilarity I stopped her, imported the files onto my laptop and dragged them into Audition where I:

  • Got rid of unneeded pauses.
  • Drastically changed the pitching and sound in all three I chose.
  • When into the Multitrack option where I than pulled all three tracks I had been working with over and;
  • arranged them so that they overlapped in certain places,
  • and changed two into ‘Mono’ for a layered effect I ended up really liking.


The soundtrack was actually what I was lest looking forward to creating as I knew it would be difficult and time consuming, as I had decided to use GarageBand – an easy enough software if I had any idea in what I was doing. But I went back to my pre-production where I looked back at the opening song for Fire Emblem’s title: Heroes of Light and Shadow, which I had selected for how well it represented the series.

In far of repeating myself, I knew it had to have an atmospheric element to it, as well as be instrumental which meant avoiding a lot of heavy/ electric  instruments.

I ended up picking:

  • “Acoustic Guitar” – I used this as the base; to plan out where I was going with the other instruments.
  • “Flute Solo” – I tried a number of ‘Orchestral’ instruments, including a ‘French Horn Solo’, ‘Trombones’ and the ‘Trumpets’ but I startled on the flute as it was gentle enough to harmonise with with the guitar but also stood out enough to be noticed.
  • “String Ensemble” – I really liked the sound of the acoustic guitar and solo flute however for it to feel more like an orchestra, I knew it had to have more power to it, which is why I choose the string ensemble. Being made up of violins and cellos (I believe) it also jelled well with the acoustic guitar.
  •  “Glass Bells” – the Glass Bells I included as they had that ‘atmospheric’ sound I wanted and happened to blend in well with the other instruments.

I composed it by going back to Heroes’ opening song and trying to think about what I wanted the trailer to sound like with the aspects and scenes I had already created. I feel like while it might seem slow, it goes well with the trailer once I dragged it into After Effects and put it onto the timeline though I had to cut it as it was too long for the trailer, though I liked the ending so I ended up cutting it in the middle of the track so I could have both the beginning and the ending. Doing that also avoided a harsh cut off point.

Overal, I think I made the sound assets and that they synced well with the trailer and ended it the viewer experience as I had a few good comments about the music from the people who gave me my feedback.

I feel like I used the correct software and that both Audition and GarageBand were the right call, however if I had to do it again I think I would a few more sound effects to really add to the immersion of the trailer e.g. footsteps. I am otherwise happy with how things turned out and feel that I couldn’t do better.


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