Supplementary Report

After creating the powerpoint, this unit requires me to add a supplementary report to “supplement” the powerpoint.

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For my trailer I will make an adaptation of Fire Emblem’s first title: ‘Shadow Dragon and the Bade of Light’ released by Nintendo in April, 1990. To successfully make this game I will need it to have 2D animation, motion graphics, live action footage and sound.

From looking at the most recent trailers, such as 2013’s Awakening and 2015’s Fates, I have concluded that there are set features they have, such as:

  • Company logo
  • Title Card
  • Age rating/ warning
  • Example of story
  • Game mechanics e.g. ‘support conversation’
  • Some mythical animal e.g. dragon/ ‘Manakete’
  • presentation of characters.

Including these features will give me a good bases as to what I will be able to animate, what I would create motion graphics for, where to place live action footage and what to do with the sound.

Market & Audience 

My market would be 13-18 as they hold the largest markets for games and I wouldn’t have to worry about censorship. The split between genders is almost completely down the middle so I wouldn’t focus on that and keep it ‘gender neutral’.


In order to produce my trailer I will need a variety of resources in order to make and render the trailer.


  • Mac: to support the software
  • Phone: to record the sounds/ audio
  • Camera: to record the live action footage
  • SD Card: save footage
  • Scanner: to upload sketches into the computer


  • Internet: research/ image source
  • Adobe Photoshop: to give certain images an alpha channel, e.g. company logo
  • FireAlpaca: to draw my aspects
  • Adobe Audition: to edit and clean up sounds
  • GarageBand: to create soundtrack
  • Adobe After Effects: to create the trailer
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS6: to render the trailer

Marketing Strategy

I will advertise my trailer on YouTube instead of on the television as millennials aren’t watching it anymore. Specifically, YouTube channels with quite a large following and those that do game plays and/ or are invested into anime (which is the art style of the game) – e.g. NateWantsToBattleGames, SpeedoSausage, AniSins – so that the people who have the same interests will see it at the right place.


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