Below I have used SWOT* (Strengths/ weaknesses/ Opportunities/ Threats) to identify my own professional behaviour.

Strengths –

  • Competent at drawing.
  • Able to use a number of drawing softwares.
  • Capable of using Photoshop to an amateur degree.
  • Good at compacting with others.
  • Patient with soldiering through work.

Weaknesses –

  • I am Dyslexic and can struggle with proofreading though I am no longer struggling like I used to be.
  • I also have Dyspraxia and this can affect my performance, though I am managing it well.

Opportunities –

  • Right now, with my qualifications, I would be able to go onto university.
  • Since I have a lot of free time I could take on other online courses, art classes or even a part time apprenticeship.
  • With my working hours I could start selling my art online, this would give some income, experience and broaden my portfolio.

Threats –

  • I don’t have any income to afford the software I need.
  • My depression and anxiety effects my deadlines

*Written originally in June however still applicable.


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