What I Learnt From My First Year

At the start of my first lesson I was made to create a list of what I learned from  last year:

  • The base of the basics for CINEMA 4D,
  • About polygons, resolution and effects it has on media,
  • A few tools on After Effects,
  • Refreshed on what I knew of Photoshop,
  • The definition of HTML and vaguely how it is applied,
  • Business structures like vertical and horizontal integration,
  • Laws on copyright and how they could matter to me now and in the future,
  • How to use WordPress.com,
  • Not to have expectations on how organised or unorganised the college or its associates will be,
  • That there is always someone in a group that doesn’t pull their weight in a group (and it isn’t me),
  • How to work and communicate with a client,
  • I know roughly how to make and apply sound though not with programs that are industry standard,
  • I remembered that I hate public speaking and why I avoid Power Point presentations or any equivalent;
  • How not to present my concepts,
  • Aspects of web design,
  • Never to leave rendering to the last moment,
  • How hard it is to rig a camera in CINEMA 4D.

I also realised that this year will be even harder.




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