A List To Managing A Media Production

Sequence of events for managing a media production include:

  • Read the brief thoroughly,
  • Do research if needed on the subject matter,
  • Start to plan out what is needed,
  • Sort out treatment,
  • Talk to client for feedback,
  • Look into locations; resources,
  • Budget materials (if required),
  • Schedule the task,
  • Allocate the correct jobs to the members of the team,
  • Begin production,
  • Make sure everyone is on task,
  • Check quality of project,
  • Edit any mistakes and tie up any loose ends,
  • Present product to client.

While independently managing the things above, I would also have to keep in mind my resources, equipment and their costing. Underneath are the things I would need in a 3D modelling project and its price.


Apple MacBook: £749
Graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo): £59.99
Camera (Cannon PowerShot with tripod): £245
SD Card: £11
External hard drive (Seagate Expansion 2tb): £57.98


Sketchbook (hardback): £4.99
Pencils (Hb pack of 12): £1
Rubber (Faber Castell): £0.45


CINEMA 4D Studio (full licence): 3175.50
Autodesk Maya ~(1 year license): £1644
Blender: free download
Adobe Creative Cloud (annual plan, paid monthly): £45.73
GarageBand: £3.99
Affinity Designer: £39.99
FireAlpaca: free download

Total: £6038.62*

*Cost might vary depending on length of the product, or if I or the place I was working in had any of the hardware, software or equipment already available.


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