A Planned Response To A Brief

generate ideas and research in accordance to requirement. Write a proposal on how you will meet client requirements, including: budget, target audience, time schedule, available resources, health and safety issues, legal issues, ethical issues (decency, representation and cultural sensitivity), post-production plans, monitoring and review of plans. (02/Nov.).

For this unit I must look through the client brief for my project to write a proposal of the requirements of what is expected of me. Below is the aforementioned brief.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 16.48.36.png

Budget/ available resources


Above is a table of the equipment I could use and what it would cost in order to make it available to me. However, since the college is already supplying a lot of it or it I already own it I do not have to worry about the price.

Target Audience

With some of the topics I plan to touch on or cover I have decided on having quite a high age rating and will advertise it to teens to adults and have done research to confirm that this is a good course of action and make it more specific.

Planning a game for the phones (which holds 21% of the games market) and tablet (16%) market like the client Zenna Games has instructed means that I am working with 37% ofpeople who play games. To adept it to my graphic narrative for Tall Stories I still think it is the best path to go.

Inside of that, I also found that teenagers to adults is one of the biggest age ranges for me to work with with 29% of 18-35 year olds. This allows me to keep my original idea of having darker content of a more mature market.

Trying to discover the gender ratio to who plays games is quite difficult as nearly every site has a different percentage and it can differ between age groups. I have discovered that it is almost ca 50-50 split. However, who is playing what is what I am interested in.

The female  market as taken the lead in the percentage of who is playing apps and has “taken the lead on tablets” according to eMarketer. So I will try and sell it to the female audience (though I will try to avoid alienating the male audience. Both is better than one, after all.)

Time Schedule of the project

I have until the 09/12/16 for completion.


Health & Safety Issues


Legal Issues/ ethics issues

The backstory of this graphic involving a war will make me very conscious of legal and ethical issues. Since the fleet held a number of different races from a number of other plants that the captain had invaded for slaves and profit, it might cut a bit close to real world history if I am not careful with how I word the narrative and design the aliens.  With any person that was not sold  kept on for soldiers that were forced to do his bidding it deals with very sensitive topics that I would have to handle carefully. After the captain was killed and the highly advanced technology destroyed, the slaves were able to regain independent thought and surrendered in dismay of what they had been made to do.

Again, with recent issues highlighting the still prominent racism in todays society I know that this could be quite a sensitive topics for a lot of minorities. However, highlighting these sort of issues can actually be helpful in making people more thoughtful and conscious of these types of problems.

That it is not based around humans – or people that look like races that usually suffer this type of prejudice will hopefully stop the subject matter from hitting too close to the bone. Though I do realise some people will find fault in everything.


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