Graphic Narrative: The Evaluation

For this project I was required to make a graphic narrative in response to a brief that was set by a client: “Tall Story Studios”.  In accordance with the guidelines set I choose to do a comic – or rather a manga, to submit. See below.

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I decided quite quickly after some brainstorming that I wanted my graphic narrative to be a mix of crime and sci-fi and researched through manga titles of those genres.

Ghost In The Shell Series

Ghost In The Shell is based in a world that is in the year 2029 where people ave become to rely on cybernetic implants and AIs are being used. It evolves around the Japanese National Public Safety Commission with Major Kunsanagi Motoko  who leads a squad in the Public Security Section. In this futurist time, the basis of the series is the question of what exactly is a “human” in a society where a person’s mind can be copied into a synthetic replacement body and where the line of human and machine is.

Detective Conan/ Case Closed

Detective Conan or Case Closed in its short lived English translation is an ongoing series (having both a manga and anime that is still running) revolves around a high school detective called Kudo Shinichi and his trials and tribulations as he goes through struggles as he solves crimes with and deals with difficult morality questions.


PSYCHO-PASS set around in a futuristic era of Japan which is controlled by the Sibyl System that runs with the aid of a network of psychometric scanners which measures the mentalities of its populations. The story focuses on a new police inspector signed to Unit One, Tsunemori Akane of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. The psychological themes were based around the ethics of an “ideal” society and the responsibility of individuality.


HAVEN is set in a dystopian future, set in a city which is war-worn and still in recovery. The story focuses on detectives Zelimir and Aleksander who are in charge of of Zone-0, the outer district of the city which bears the most crime.

What’s different between my narrative and my inspiration is that while there is quite a bit of technology from the aliens who invaded it doesn’t really advance the story or its characters like Ghost In The Shell or Psycho-Pass. The city, is in fact still quite rundown and rebuilding from the war. Money is a problem and a lot of people are destitute with crimes being solved in the old fashioned way of proper investigation.

Since there are a lot of issues in HAVEN such as racism and with the plot revolving around murder morality is a key theme like in Detective Conan, however HAVEN handles these issues differently with different things being at stake. Such as, if Alek is unable to solve the case his partner will be take the fall for the crimes.


For HAVEN, its narrative has begun in a non-linear fashion with one of its main points being given early: Zelimir’s arrest. This is to give the audience a “hook” in which to interest them and set up tones which can later be expanded on.

It is left open ended and without resolution with the problems the narrative proposed and the conflicts I introduced. This is to  continue this at a more linear point in another volume.


To make HAVEN I started through researching after which I continued with my idea’s development (which included brainstorming, mood boards, quite a bit of sketching and a rough draft of the storyboard). I went onto the process of making the graphics until HAVEN was finished and I was able to upload it.


For HAVEN I wanted it to have a a film noir/ net-noir style with everything greyscale excluding eye colour, blood (if there were any), and Zelimir’s hair colour (as it is an indicator to his emotions as well as his different in race) as well as Evan’s tattoos, makeup (if a character wore it in this chapter) and certain types of lights to set atmosphere and help draw the audience’s eye to certain things.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 13.24.02

First thing the viewer will see is the front page which is designed in a way that has the image facing the wrong way. It is pretty uncommon though it has been done before (e.g. +Anima),I have decided to draw it this way to set tonally a feeling of wrongness.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 13.21.54

On the first page though all the characters are in the same room I broke the up into separate panels with the Commander on to as not only is she narrating but to visually show her superior with her position.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 13.22.29
Furthermore, on the second page I travel out of the place and time which the story is set in to highlight things that are being spoken about in the text boxes. To show this so there is no confusion I darken the panels.



Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 14.15.33

Through creating my graphic narrative I developed my art through having to repeatedly drawing the same characters as I had to keep them looking the same. As well as improving my familiarity with Photoshop, FireAlpaca and Krita.

During this product I had trouble with time management not only due to my disability but also because I have been very sick, and because of this have not been in and able to stick to deadlines.


  • Again, time management: To try and counter this I had to keep reevaluating how much I was able to do.
  • Software: I had to use multiple softwares to get the effect I wanted to it took more time, used more battery and slowed the process.


To make any type of graphic narrative a positive reaction to the material is important for success. In this air, the class showed all their graphic narratives and rated them (results shown below). As I was behind due to problems I have mentioned, I only had my front page done at the time. I still managed to make it to joint second placement with a score of 69.

I also – after I was finished – gathered responses from people I knew when I had finished.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 14.39.57

Julie said that the story and art was good but that it was short. Despite this, that she would buy this.

I feel like this was far and that if I had been able to manage my time like I would have liked that it there would have been at least a couple of more pages.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 14.39.31

Ally said that she liked the style (such as colourisation) however that I needed to improve the quality of the line art and the spelling. Again, things which were effected with the rush I was in to finish. However, things I would be able to fix.

When it comes to client communication, asides from the the brief I don’t have communication. The positive to this was that I had a lot of creative control and to work freely. The negative is that because there was no communication there could be a point where I didn’t complete the graphic narrative to the specification required.

Achieve Intentions? – L

I feel that despite the hiccups, such as getting ill and my time management that I managed to complete my graphic narrative to a somewhat satisfactory degree.


Ghost In The Shell Image 

Detective Conan/ Case Closed Image

Psycho-Pass Image


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