Plan a Web Animation Sequence

Tall Story Studios ran a competitive brief to create a graphic-narrative series whose finalists would move on to the next stage of the competition, which will leads onto animating the graphic-narrative for internet interaction.

market research



brain stormpage 1 planpage 2 planpage 3 planpage 4 plan


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 16.29.42


Above are early developmental sketches that I started at the beginning to try and map out what I was trying to do. These include the three main characters and the work I put into designing their uniform.

Character sheets which present a range of expressions for me to work from and their clothing which is individual to the character.

Again, these are early developmental sketches where I was just trying to take down my ideas.

Above are the two environments that will be used inside my motion comic. I have made a floor plan and a rough sketch of the main focus of the area.

Colour Palettes

I decided to go for a film noir/ Sin City sort of aesthetic as I thought it would best fit the themes of the graphic narrative.


I experimented with a number of fonts that would keep with the overall image of the motion comic. I figured after a bit of exploring that since it was a sci-fi it would need to be particularly square.


Interactivity/ Animated

storyboard 1storyboard 2

My plans, however are all dependent on how well I get on with the software, its compatibility and how much time I have at the end.


Sound is not a requirement of the unit but if I have time I would either find a free midi file or create background, techno music and sound effects to properly meet a professional standard.

Legal and Ethical Considerations



Ethical/ Representation

The backstory of this game involving the war will make me very conscious of legal and ethical issues. Since the fleet held a number of different races from a number of other plants that the captain had invaded for slaves and profit, it might cut a bit close to real world history if I am not careful with how I word the narrative and design the aliens.  With any person that was not sold  kept on for soldiers that were forced to do his bidding it deals with very sensitive topics that I would have to handle carefully. After the captain was killed and the highly advanced technology destroyed, the slaves were able to regain independent thought and surrendered in dismay of what they had been made to do.

Again, with recent issues highlighting the still prominent racism in todays society I know that this could be quite a sensitive topics for a lot of minorities. However, highlighting these sort of issues can actually be helpful in making people more thoughtful and conscious of these types of problems.

That it is not based around humans – or people that look like races that usually suffer this type of prejudice will hopefully stop the subject matter from hitting too close to the bone. Though I do realise some people will find fault in everything.


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