Zone-0 Cutscene; Evaluation

[click to watch video]

For unit 66 and 67, I created a cutscene  with 3D models and animation (seen above) for the purposed of the brief given by Zenna Games based around my graphic narrative: HAVEN for Tall Story Studios.

Production Process

To begin this project I started preproduction with the narrative, characters and world I had created for HAVEN and began to plan e.g. budget, schedule and acknowledging my finite technical ability. The budget wasn’t applicable as most of the equipment that I would have to worry about if I was working freelance, I had or the college supplied however it was a good thing to work out as an example of what I would have had to pay.

While my original scheduling was worked out, it was done before I had fallen ill and I wasn’t able to follow it for that reason. This was extremely unfortunate as I had planned for my difficulty with the software and render time into my schedule with what I had designed in my graphic narrative.

Opportunities and Limitations

I worked to the brief as close as I could by reimagining my graphic narrative as game for the tablet and phone market, thinking that it would be best as a side-scroller that focused on the story and characters to work out the mystery. I thought that I could work in the the 3D as cutscenes in the game.

“Zenna Games is a new independent game production company; they would like to venture into the mobile and tablet market as there has been an increase in their popularity over the years. The candidate must prepare the following:

Phase 1

  • Come up with the story/ concept mechanics for the game
  • Plan and model for at least six items

Phase 2

  • Plan, design, model and animate at least 2 items to be used in the game
  • Characters and or objects need to be animated and seem part of the scene”

Games like Fire Emblem: Awakening use more than one art style and incorporate 2D art with 3D models and environments so I knew that it would be viable and I could stick to the brief which (as seen above) requires me to have 3D models and for these models to be animated.

However, the style of my graphic narrative and my 3D models as I wouldn’t have been able to successfully model the more mature art style that I originally drew and knew it would have to be simplified. I am not very good at CINEMA 4D so I also had to plan for that through my environment by keeping it manageable and scaling down the world I had imagined, while keeping the illusion of a large city.

Original Intentions

My graphic narrative was designed for a mature audience due to the themes in the story, which the game will share, this has made me very aware of the changes I’ve had to make in order for me to be able to create it. The art style is far less developed and the mechanics of the game are usually used in games that target a younger audience, however I still believe that my design could be successful as women and children are the primary players of the phone and tablet markets and I can always censor more mature parts of the story and write more mature elements in subtext.


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 14.36.36

My graphic narrative, HAVEN was placed at the top tier of the scoring out of everyone’s graphic narratives so I already had an understanding that my story would be successful. When I asked for feedback on my game, it was again mostly positive.

Julie said that she liked how the camera moved and that, coupled with the music built up the atmosphere of suspense; like the character model was on the run which is what I was aiming for.

Ben was pleased with the overall visual but thought that the camera was a little fast and that the music was a bit strange. I wanted the camera to be a bit erratic and for the music to have climbing chords to imply a chase but I understand that I may not have communicated that well enough for everyone. The music, since I made it myself was a bit rough around the edges but techno (which is common in sci-fi) isn’t something I commonly listen to. However, I feel like its done its job well enough.

Tom thought it was awesome and he did enjoy the music, though the thought the camera speed was a bit too fast which something I should have really slowed down in After Effects but I ended up thinking that it increased the tension.

Overall, everyone who watched my cutscene enjoyed it with minimal issue over what was presented to them.




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