Interactive Comic Prototype_ Evaluation

[click to watch video] Below is the completed product for unit 65: web animation, my prototype for my interactive comic.

For this unit it was expected of us to make our graphic narrative from unit 55 interactive or make an example of what it would look like. I chose the latter as for the last few months I haven’t been well and was still playing catchup, and did not feel able to learn a whole  new software while completing other projects.

One of the first things I had to do was make a few vector assets  to fulfil one of the requirements for the brief. Adobe Illustrator was what I used to accomplish this and it was even less intuitive than  Photoshop. I found it finicky to use even if it was only for a mouse cursor, a slide scroller and a magnifying glass icon.

In After Effects I had other technical difficulties like assets I had used and edited disappearing from the timeline for no discernible reason , as well as having a difficult render when I exported the finished file to Adobe Media Encoder as it would fail or halt when it got to a particular point.

Otherwise, the project went quick simply with the most difficult thing I accomplished in After Effects the colour change I managed to add to one of the last pages, as I had already learnt the basics of After Effects from a previous unit last year.

Overall, I felt like I did well with the time I had to work with and the results weren’t bad as it flows relatively well and communicates what I had planned for. Though the animation is a bit rough and I feel like if I had more time I could have made improvements e.g. to the speed of some frames.

Too add more opportunities for interactivity, I chose to add certain lights that the viewer could interact with which also  links into my 3D animation though I make sure not to attach too much additional content as I did not want to clutter my animation or ruin my aesthetic.

For the technical side of things I saved my graphic narrative pages as .psd to give me the optimal ease of editing in After Effects. When it came to the render, I saved it as a .mp4 as it is one of the file types that YouTube enables.

In conclusion, though there were some difficulties on the way to complete this unit, that it went as well as it could have and that the finished product was up to standard. One comment from a reviewer was very pleased with the end result and thought it would be effect; “I thought the movement of the battleships at the end of the story really brought to feeling of war to the story and it created the sense of impending doom that the characters were about to witness. I thought the character designs were brilliant and the expression really added atmosphere to the story and I genuinely want to know what happens next for the characters.”



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